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As a self-taught photographer, I have educated my eyes by looking at thousands of photographs and by visiting as many exhibitions as possible. The rest has been shooting, shooting and shooting. My weapons are my Pentax and other cameras, mainly analogue ones, though in recent times I have started working in digital format too.



As a photographer, I never look at happiness. I am more drawn to decadence, melancholy and sensations. I am after faces that mirror my soul –that is, if the face is a mirror of the soul...



My preferences? People, architecture, symmetries, black and white.



Montse Ordoñez, a cultural manager from Spain, wrote once about my work:



“David Pujadó likes to move with simplicity and minimalism. His photographs cultivate silence around the image, a task that might appear easy at first glance when in fact it is quite difficult to accomplish. Pujadó knows how to unlock the souls he is looking at. His camera manages to gain access and to penetrate interior territories that are normally inaccessible to most of us. The grey tones of his prints are subtle. With just a few elements he gets us to travel to other worlds inhabited by alienated, lonely gazes. We find ourselves facing one of those beings whose light and talent imbue with soul each one of his images”.


My portfolio
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