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UK Parabord. "Yugoslav Architecture-Existing Past". Belgrade.

3th to 10th November 2014



 A series of photographs captures public objects from post WWII era constructed in the city of Belgrade during the regime of Tito.


Objects represent the gems of Yugoslavian modern architecture and were designed by the most prominent architects of the former state. Monumental, symmetric, enduring objects convey powerful visual impact to show the confidence and strength of the Socialist Republic with all the symbolic that followed. After the SFRJ dissolved in early 1990s their symbolic meanings were forever lost. As Willem Jan Neutelings wrote “objects become submerged in a new age, rendered unintelligible to the current generation. Their symbolism has been lost in translation as the visual language has changed, their signals muffled by a shifted worldview”.


David Pujado’s photos are opening questions important for our national identity: What happened with those objects over time? Are they part of Social consensus? How we treat cultural heritage Yugoslavia left us?


By Dragana Koštica


Photographies: David Pujadó.

Video: Danilo Stojich

Texts: Maja Žuža, Bojana Pavlićević & Dragana Koštica

Translations: Dragana Ćiprijanović & Dragana Koštica

In collaboration with Still in Belgrade magazine






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