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Urban Portraits. Meduza. Belgrade.

3rd to 29th December 2013



This project emerged from a needed of communication, the needed to brake my walls into the social relations.


Hours and hours I have spent walking the streets, from the year 2011… until today, in London, Berlin, Barcelona, Beograd, Istanbul or Oslo… looking for faces… as a hunter… the face hunter.


Every portrait, near 500 of them, has its proper story… during or before the shooting. Every person exposes his personality, through pose, smile or shyness. Yet several ones have a story that started just in the moment of shooting and continue as new photo sessions, work proposals, new friend relationship, etc. In each portrait you can read lines of the live of this people, happiness, sadness or pain.


Sometimes I feel that this project is finished… but I can’t stop…





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