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Zavod Gallery. "Yugoslav Architecture-Existing Past". Belgrade.

15tn May to 21st July 2015



Exhibition "Yugoslav Architecture-Existing Past", by Cavid Puhado, is organized by Internet magazine "Still in Belgrade", in collaboration with Zavod, multi-concept bar. Photography series is showing public and apartment buildings in Belgrade, built during the rule of Tito. Part of the project was presented at the last years October Salon with title "Gems from Our Past". The buildings on the photographs are showing the confidence and strength of the Socialist Republic.

David Pujadó (1972, Barcellona) is that photographer who likes to move with simplicity and minimalism, which cultivates silence around the image, something that appears very easy when in fact it is quite difficult. His gray tones become subtle, with few elements he gets us to travel to other worlds, deeply inhabited with alienated gazes full of loneliness. We find ourselves facing one of those beings whose light and talent give a soul to each of his images.




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