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Co-working. Papergirl Galerija Hub. Belgrade. Serbia

22nd of February to 7th March 2019




The concept of Coworking is not something new, is not something invented by Brad Neuberg.
At the old time, in the analogue time, we called Co-working.

My first memories about a Co-working space are coming from my Primary School, all the pupils were sharing and co-working… sharing answers to the exam questions, sharing space, punishments, working together with some works but also in the library co-working for the group schoolwork.

But OK, in the digital era, and with hipsterism, although still in the XXI Century, we can say that, for Co-working to become Coworking there is something missing… The coffee or the café aroma!

This Project has been done using the part of the photographic archive that I have been building since 4 years ago. For this occasion I received also donations from Carme Puigdomènech Morales, Judit Pujadó, Ana Šćepanović, Marija Kulovic and Milena Antic and I am presenting photographs from Serbia and Montenegro (Yugoslavia on the time) Germany, Catalonia, Portugal and Belgium.

David Pujado

Brochure by: Бартcелона inked




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