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Dom culture Studentski grad, Galerija. "Once". Belgrade.

22nd September to 3rd October 2015



A photo series Once of photographer David Pujado, within unique contemplative- artistic unity presents multi layered story about life and change, told by specific artist`s aesthetic, motifs and forms. Formal structure of David`s photos and his artistic  expression through photography are focused on purified, simple forms,  minimalistic structure , light-dark contrasts,  which   at the same time assert his benevolence to the aesthetic of simplicity.


Observer is encouraged to deliberate about transience of life, questioning where are we came from and where are we going. We are changing with every step we take in our life, and as Heraclito de Efeb said “Nobody take a bath in the same river twice, because everything change, in the river and in who will take the bath” and Rabindranath Tagore later “The life flow as the rivers, nobody can take a bath twice in same water”.  It’s similar with the nature of photography itself, because it is the media of capturing the unique moment that could never repeat at the same mode, so the nature of life and photography are similar, and like David says “In the life, as in the photography, you never have a second opportunity, at least, not same one”.  The only constant in life is change. People passing by and change in front of artist`s objective, coming and leaving, maybe most of the time unconscious of the present and that very moment of existence. David capturing them in that very moment of unrepeatable time,  in present of which we  most of the time not thinking as something  that is the only time when we really  exist and live, preoccupied with the past and future, we missing the beauty of a unique moment .   These  captured moments mementos reflect artist`s view of life, telling us to use the time which we have for the things that make our life beautiful and happy, change in a way to make your living filled and don’t leave things inside to be untold, because tomorrow is never promised.


Nevena Kijanović





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