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Inspired by. Radisson Collection Hotel. Belgrade. Serbia

10th September to 30th October 2019



Inspired by

“Inspired by” is the first part of a big Project inspired by some artists, mainly by the painter Balthus, and filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, also with the influence of such painters as Edward Hopper, who has an effect on all my works, and one of my favorite photographers, Alex Prager, along with Philip-Lorca di Corcia.

This is also my closest approach to Fashion photography. I got first into Fashion photography around 1995 while I was working, for 2 years, in a Levi’s Store first and after in one of the best multi-brand stores of Barcelona. I was impressed with the awarded Diesel Italian Fashion Brand catalogs. I was collecting all of them. They always show the models in a kind of Surrealist relations with their environment, and I’ve always been fascinated by Surrealism.

In general, in my photographs and not only in portraits, but also landscapes, objects or architecture photography you can feel the solitude, loneliness, boredom, melancholia and something that feels very Balkanic to me, the resignation.

In the series presented in the Radisson Collection Hotel, as part of ‘Barcelona pop up 147’ project, you see two persons in every image, and even if they interact, they are isolated within themselves.

This exhibition is the first step, the next ones will have names and surnames.

Thanks to the models: Elena Romanova, Sonja Helena Lundin, Tara Dozet and Dragana Simić
Thanks also to: YE YE- vintage shop and Ana Šćepanović for the support with clothes and complements

David Pujadó





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